New Vitatabs® Gummies now available!

New Vitatabs® Gummies are now available! Vitatabs® Gummies Cola-flavored multivitamin, Vitatabs® Gummies orange-flavored vitamin D10, and tuttifrut-flavored Vitatabs® Gummies Omega-3 gummy.

New product Colonic Plus Mikrobiomi

A novelty for the well-being of the intestines and thus the whole body! Colonic Plus® Microbiome dietary supplement contains patented ButyOil® butyrate in triglyceride form (tributyrin) and vitamin B2 to support the strengthening of the microbiome, the well-being of the mucous membranes and skin, and to protect cells from oxidative stress.

New product – Vitacell® Telomere

Vitacell® Telomere is a brand new dietary supplement for the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to promote telomere health. Vitacell® Telomere contains unique, clinically tested plant-derived Telos95® polyphenol mixture from grapevine and olive leaves + natural vitamin E.

New product – Evonia® Strong Biotin 10 000 µg

Our Evonia product range has now been completed with a new product –  Evonia® Strong Biotin 10 000 µg. Biotin has many effects in the body, e.g. promotes the maintenance of normal hair, skin and mucous membranes and participates in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. One tablet contains 10 000 µg of biotin.

Evonia – new package design

The packaging of the Evonia products has been renewed. Evonia is a versatile, high-quality product group for the well-being of the hair. More detailed product information can be found on the product pages!

Vitacell PQQ

PQQ also known as pyrroloquinoline quinone supports mitochondrial function in the body and is beneficial for brain health. Mitochondria are responsible for the cellular energy metabolism.

Zinkosan® Sinkki+C

Zinc citrate – Vitamin C tablet to maintain the function of the immune system. Beneficial for skin, cell production and regulating enzyme activity.

Magnesia 375

Chewable, orange-lemon flavored magnesium tablet. Magnesium is an essential mineral especially for the nervous system, heart and muscles.