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Colonic Plus Bowel Soother

- Perilla leaf extract capsule

  • Natural Nutrigut® extract for gastrointestinal wellbeing
  • For IBS symptoms

Colonic Plus Entsyymi

 Multi enzyme capsule

  • Contains all the important enzymes for digestion.
  • Enhances digestion and is recommended to be taken together with heavy meals.
  • Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Colonic Plus Gastric Acidity Balancer

Calcium carbonate – Enzyme –Chewing tablet, Berry flavoured

  • Digestive enzymes for heartburn and stomach acidity problems.

Colonic Plus Inulin

Inulin tablet

  • Inulin is a natural prebiotic produced from chicory root (Cichorium intybus) by using hot water extraction. Inulin maintains a favourable bacterial flora in the intestines.
  • Inulin is nature's own way of storing energy in a form without almost any calories (only 1 kcal/g). Only the beneficial bacteria of the human organism is able to utilise inulin. By its chemical form inulin is a fructose polymer (FOS or fructose oligo saccharide).
  • Inulin has a positive bifidogenic influence in the intestines and it cleans out the intestines by reducing the amount of harmful intestinal bacteria and thus leading to a healthier bacterial flora.
  • One Colonic Plus Inuliini tablet contains 1000 mg of inulin.

Colonic Plus Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria capsule

  • To maintain and strengthen intestinal microflora
  • To maintain and restore intestinal balance

Colonic Plus Liver Cleanser

Dandelion root extract – Globe artichoke extract tablet

  • Helps to maintain normal liver function
  • To support digestion

Colonic Plus Silica

Silicon product in liquid form

  • Unsweetened and unflavoured silicon product in and easy-to-take form for the well-being of the stomach.
  • The manufacturing process uses a very fine-grained silicon dioxide that has been dispersed into demineralised water in a ratio of 1:35.

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