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Vitatabs Choline

Choline tablet

To promote lipid metabolism
To enhance the metabolism of homocysteine
To support liver function



VitaCholine® choline, Anti caking agent E460, Surface finishing agent E 470b


Daily dosage (2 tablets) contains:

VitaCholine® choline                550 mg



1 tablet twice per day.

The product is free from lactose, gluten, yeast and sweeteners.




  • Vitatabs® Choline –tablets contain VitaCholine® choline 550 mg in daily dosage.


  • Choline is a vitamin-like compound, which is found in all our tissues in the phospholipids of cell membranes. It is involved in the communication between cells as intermediating substance.


  • Choline helps maintain the metabolism at the cellular level: it promotes normal lipid metabolism and the metabolism of homocysteine.


  • Choline also promotes the maintenance of normal liver function, as it is involved in the regulation of fat storage in liver. 
  • Choline is important for the wellbeing of the heart and the circulatory system, as it reduces the amount of homocysteine in changing it to other amino acids.


  • Choline supports the function of a number of nutrients, including betaine, carnitine, creatine, omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins.


  • Choline is a beneficial nutrient for aging people and athletes, as it regulates muscle function and metabolism as well as the use and storage of energy.
  • Choline protects nitric oxide and thus allows the proper intake of energy and nutrients for muscles.
  • Vitatabs® Choline does not contain ingredients of animal origin.


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