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AHCC capsule

Activates immune defence system

Ingredients: Cold dried and microcapsulated hemicellulose preparation from shiitake 400 mg, Anticaking agent E 460, Gelatin (capsule shell), Colour E 171 (capsule shell)


Ingredients in daily dosage (2 capsules):

Hemicellulose preparation from shiitake                      500 mg


More information:




1 capsule twice per day for normal daily use, for therapeutic use 4 - 8 capsules three times per day.

Contains no lactose, gluten, sweeteners or yeast.



80 capsules / 38 g



  • The main active components of Immunomax are polysaccharides (b-1-3 glucan) and glycoproteins derived from Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC), which is a well-controlled substance obtained by reacting specific enzymatic reaction with basidomycetes mycelia. 


  • AHCC is effective in stimulating and enhancing the natural immunomodulatory function of the body (stimulates the production of NK cells, killer T-cells, and cytokines). 


  • AHCC is well-studied and used extensively for immuno-therapy in particular besides traditional medical treatment.


  • No reported toxicity or side effects.


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